About Aigistos S.A


The company AIGISTOS S.A., has so far demonstrated significant development, as proved by both its financial figures and its customers’ trust.

In fact, it is one of the most remarkable companies in the field of Earthworks.

The company is involved in the construction of all types of Public & Private projects,   mainly specialising in road construction, building and structural works and is registered in the Register of Contractor’s Enterprises of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks and holds a 2nd grade Certificate for Road, Building and Hydravlic Cοnstructions and Industrial and Energy Works. Furthermore, the company is authorized to collect and transport non-hazardous solid waste ( Ministry of Environment and Energy, Decision Number: Φ6056/4637/ΠΕΡΙΒ-ΣΑ/13-11-2012).


The human factor is of utmost importance for successful business activity and both the selection and the use of the company’s human resources are given the best possible attention.

Depending on their expertise, experience and position, the personnel of the company can be distinguished into the following categories:

  • Executive Personel
  • Mechanical Engineers – Electrical Engineers
  • Drivers
  • Technical staff (skilled, unskilled)
  • Assistant personnel
  • Maintenance Managers
  • Automotive Mechanics